Happy October!

I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a Monday. And why, you might ask, am I excited about this one? Because of #OKTOWRIMO!

So this is what happened. I had so much fun with the two Instagram challenges I'd done for August and September, I wanted to do one for October. Only, when I went looking for one, I couldn't find any. (Maybe because I was looking too early?? Maybe because I'm a novice IG searcher?? I did stumble across the two I did before....but I digress.) Since I couldn't find a challenge, my good friend and marketing partner suggested I make one. I hesitated at first, then I thought - what the hay, why not?

Turns out, it's fun having a little say in what questions I want to answer about my life or my writing or my characters. So 31 questions later (and 31 is A LOT, in case you were wondering) I was simply left with the daunting task of dreaming up a hashtag. A few were tossed around until one in particular just came to me. #oktowrimo is my shoutout to autumn, beer, and writing....which are basically three of my favorite things in life.

I tried to think of a few questions that touched on non-writing aspects of life, in hopes that people would participate and we'd get to know each other as more than writers - because we're all more than our craft, even if we sometimes forget. I also tossed in a few questions I often ask myself; like, if your characters existed outside of your head, would you be friends with them? Also, with the exorbitant amount of research I've been doing for Jess and Khal's novel, I couldn't resist asking the question about how much your hero's shoes cost - because I just so happen to know how much Khalohn's cost.

The cool thing about being the author of a challenge is I'm asking questions I haven't necessarily been asked before - which allows me to not only share with my followers a little bit more about me and my process, but it's also an opportunity to hopefully challenge some writers out there to think of answers to questions perhaps they've never been asked, either.

I wasn't sure how many people would play along with me. But so far - before we've even really begun - the response has been amazing. If you're reading this, if you're an author, and if you're on Instagram and not a part of this challenge, I hope you'll join us! And if you're a reader, I hope you'll follow the hashtag this month and maybe meet a few new authors along the way.

Hooray! It's officially time for #oktowrimo!

1. What are your October writing goals?
2. What's one of your non-writing October goals?
3. In which season does your WIP take place and why?
4. Do you work on one manuscript at a time or multiple?
5. Music while you write - yay or nay?
6. What does an ideal Saturday look like to you?
7. All things pumpkin or hard pass?
8. Do you write full-time or do you have another job?
9. What's your favorite Halloween or Horror movie?
10.What's the most challenging aspect of your WIP?
11. If your hero and/or heroine existed outside of your head, would you be friends?
12. What are you doing this weekend?
13. What's the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?
14. Do you have a song you associate with your hero?
15. What's your hero's best friend like?
16. How do you approach word count goals?
17. How many times do you read through your story in the editing phase?
18. Hardback or paperback?
19. Do you have a song you associate with your heroine?
20. What's your heroine's best friend like?
21. Gloss or Matte (covers)?
22. What made you decide to publish? (Or what's stopping you, if you haven't yet?)
23. Are you a short story/novella kind of writer, or do you prefer novel length?
24. Do you give your main characters middle names?
25. How much do your hero's shoes cost?
26. Is your heroine all about the sneakers, all about the heels, or somewhere in between?
27. Do you prefer to write in past tense or present tense?
28. Are you a first person story teller or a third person narrator?
29. Will you participate in this years' NaNoWriMo?
30. Did you crush your October goals?
31. Trick or Treat?